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Articles In Foreign Journals

Oščádal, P., Kot, T., Spurný, T., Suder, J., Vocetka, M., Dobeš, L., Bobovský, Z. Camera Arrangement Optimization for Workspace Monitoring in Human–Robot Collaboration. Sensors. 2023. 23(1), 295.  DOI   Scopus   WoS   OBD   Impact 3.576 (Q2) 


Articles In Czech Journals

Boleslavský, A., Mihola, M., Wierbica, R., Bém, J., Spurný, T. Research and Development of a Software Tool for Parametric Modeling of Robotized Workplaces. MM Science Journal. 2022, issue June, pp. 5675-5683. ISSN 1803-3126.  DOI   Scopus   WoS   OBD 

Articles In Foreign Journals

Kot, T., Wierbica, R., Oščádal, P., Spurný, T., Bobovský, Z. Using Elastic Bands for Collision Avoidance in Collaborative Robotics. IEEE Access. 2022. vol 10, pp. 106972-106987. ISSN 2169-3536.  DOI   Scopus   WoS   OBD   Impact 3.476 (Q2) 

Vysocký, A., Grushko, S., Spurný, T., Pastor, R., Kot, T. Generating Synthetic Depth Image Dataset for Industrial Applications of Hand Localization. IEEE Access. 2022, vol. 10, pp. 99734-99744. ISSN 2169-3536.  DOI   Scopus   WoS   OBD   Impact 3.476 (Q2) 

Oščádal, P., Spurný, T., Kot, T., Grushko, S., Suder, J., Heczko, D., Novák, P., Bobovský, Z. Distributed Camera Subsystem for Obstacle Detection. Sensors. 2022, 22(12), 4588.  DOI   Scopus   WoS   OBD   Impact 3.576 (Q2) 


Articles In Foreign Journals

Huczala, D., Oščádal, P., Spurný, T., Vysocký, A., Vocetka, M., Bobovský, Z. Camera-Based Method for Identification of the Layout of a Robotic Workcell. Applied sciences. 2020, 10(21).  DOI   Scopus   WoS   OBD   Impact 2.474 (Q3) 

Grushko, S., Spurný, T., Černý, M. Control Methods for Transradial Prostheses Based on Remnant Muscle Activity and Its Relationship with Proprioceptive Feedback. Sensors. 2020, vol. 20, issue 17. e-ISSN 1424-4822.  DOI   Scopus   WoS   OBD   Impact 3.275 (Q2)