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Articles In Foreign Journals

Mostýn, V., Huczala, D., Moczulski, W., Timofiejczuk, A. Dimensional optimization of the robotic arm to reduce energy consumption. MM Science Journal. 2020, vol. 2020, issue March, pp. 3745-3753. ISSN 1803-3126. e-ISSN 1805-5047.  DOI   Scopus 

Paška, Z., Rojíček, J., Ferfecki, P., Fusek, M., Heczko, D., Krys, V. Methodology of Arm Design for Mobile Robot Manipulator Using Topological Optimization. MM Science Journal. 2020, vol. 2020, issue June, pp. 3918-3925. ISSN 1803-3126.  DOI   Scopus 

Vocetka, M., Suder, J., Huczala, D. The Use of the Two-Handed Collaborative Robot in Non-Collaborative Application. Acta Polytechnica. 2020, vol. 60, issue 2, pp. 151-157. ISSN 1210-0270.  DOI   Scopus   WoS 

Contributions In International Conferences Or Workshops

Pastor, R., Huczala, D., Vysocký, A., Oščádal, P., Mlotek, J., Heczko, D., Zeman, Z., Široký, P. Modular Rover Design for Exploration and Analytical Tasks. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2020. pp. 203-215. ISBN 9783030438890. ISSN 0302-2974.  DOI   Scopus